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Exclusive Powder C Lightening Complexion Kit

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Description:?Formulated to diminish skin discoloration with skin repairing anti-oxidant Vitamin ?C?. It protects skin against environmental pollutants, preserving skin?s elasticity. Brightens and smoothes skin, restoring a flawless even tone complexion.

How to use it

1. Push blue sealed cap into Powder ?C? bottle. This will release powder into serum.

2. Shake well.

3. Twist and remove top portion of blue cap; replace with clear plastic cap.

4. Apply a thin layer of powder ?C? serum to affected areas on dry cleansed skin preferably at night. Let dry. Once results have been achieved, continue maintenance 3 days a week, nights only on Monday, Wednesday and Friday with Exclusive Glycerin with Vitamin ?C?.

Tip:?To enhance brightening effect, first cleanse with Fair & White Exclusive Exfoliating Soap 1-2 times a week only, allowing 3-4 days between usage. On opposite days and to prevent irritation, use non exfoliating soap, such as?Glycerin Bar Soap?or Dove. It is a must to follow up with a minimum?SPF 50 Skin Protect Sunscreen?daily. Important to continue using sunscreen and after treatment in order to avoid irritation or re-occurrence of pigmentation spots!