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Shea moisturizing shampoo


Cantu Shea Butter moisturizing cream shampoo is made with shea butter and essential oils to replace vital oil in your hair leaving it stronger, healthier, with a natural shine. Whether your hair is chemically relaxed, colored, pressed, or permed, Cantu Shea Butter moisturizing cream shampoo is gentle enough to use everyday. Cantu Shea Butter moisturizing cream shampoo helps moisturize your hair with real shea butter and essential oils, maintain a healthly scalp and soft, strong, shiny hair, clean away stryling product build up without breaking. Styling tips for added clean, conditioning, and protection apply Cantu Shea Butter moisturizing rinse out conditioner as recommended to strengthen and soften hair apply Cantu Shea Butter daily cream oil moisturizer before styling to help protect your hair from heat damage.


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