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Brand: Soft n White

Soft n White

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  • This new hydroquinone-free papaya lotion enriched with Vitamin E is specifically formulated to eradicate dry and dull spots on the skin to reveal a youthful and even skin tone throughout. It also eliminates dryness, dark spots, and reduces blemishes.

    This deep moisturizer contains a blend of emollients and botanical extracts which not only smooth and softens the skin, but also protects it from dryness and discolouration.

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  • New Soft’n White Papaya Cream is an advanced scientific blend formula, hydroquinone-free enriched with Vitamin E. It reduces dark spots and lightens the complexion without irritation and allows long lasting fading epidermis by stimulating the renewal of low pigment content skin cells. It controls oily skin and has purifying properties.

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  • The new Soft’n White Papaya Lightening Gel was designed with an Hydroquinone-free formula enriched with Vitamin B3. It helps to reduce dark spots, brighten skin tone without irritation and allows long term fading of pigment-free skin cells. Makes the complexion look bright and fresh

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  • Soft n’ White Papaya Serum with Vitamin C excels at reducing dark spots and brightening the complexion overall. Its scientific formula promotes the long-term fading of the epidermis by stimulating the renewal of pigment-free skin cells..
    . It also contains products to moisturise and exfoliate the skin. These products help to reduce dark spots and marks, revealing a more youthful and even skin tone throughout..

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  • Soft N White Papaya Herbal Lightening Soap: This herbal luminous papaya triple lightening soap utilizes all the 3 enzymes from papaya namely alcalide ca-pain, cericin and papain, resulting to a fairer and more radiant skin. It’s triple lightening formula and vitamin E will leave the skin clearer, smootherfrom spots and freckles. Use daily on all part of the body for a clear, smooth and youthful complextion

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