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Kera Care KeraCare® Conditioning Hair Care System is a collection of high quality, innovative, professional hair care products designed especially for highly textured hair. Scientifically formulated and salon tested, our line of shampoos, conditioners and styling products provide the very best in conditioning and styling power.
KeraCare 1st Lather ShampooKeraCare 1st Lather Shampoo
KeraCare 1st Lather Shampoo deep cleans hair and is designed for use prior to a conditioning shampoo.
Produces a rich lather to cleanse hair without stripping the hair of natural oils. Beautifully prepares hair for
a second sudsing with a conditioning shampoo.Contains no sodium stearate (soap), like most creme shampoos.
Concentrated formula. Available in Gallon, 32 fl. oz.
Cleans hair of oil, dirt and styling product build-ups.
Helps hair absorb conditioners during a second shampoo with KeraCare Hydrating Detangling Shampoo.
Does not promote dryness and leaves no dulling film.
Economical to use.
Price: 4.99

Kera Care Humecto Creme ConditionerKera Care Humecto Creme Conditioner

Kera Care Oil Moisturizer with Jojoba OilKera Care Oil Moisturizer with Jojoba Oil
A superb moisturizing lotion that hydrates and conditions dry, brittle hair.
It's rich in lubricants, yet light. Use daily as a hairdressing for sheen and moisturizing.
Also a great protective shield when blow drying, thermal curling or flat ironing.
Excellent for grooming natural hairstyles, braids and for roller setting.
Price: 5.99

Kera Care Dry & Itchy Scalp Moisturizing ConditionerKera Care Dry & Itchy Scalp Moisturizing Conditioner
This technologically advanced product is the first of its kind to effectively combat dry and itchy scalp conditions as it moisturizes and conditions hair.
It actively relieves itching while cooling and soothing the scalp.
Dry, damaged hair fibers are beautifully rehydrated and reconstructed for healthier, more pliable hair.
Combing is easy, so breakage is minimized. Gentle enough for frequent use on relaxed, permed, color-treated or natural hair.
When used regularly, it helps prevent dryness, itching and flaking before it starts.
Price: 9.99

Kera Care Essential Oils For The HairKera Care Essential Oils For The Hair
A light, rich blend of natural oils that conditions, moisturizes and creates a high sheen.
Lubricates dry hair and scalp and helps protect against moisture loss.
Produces shine and softens hair. Absorbs easily, leaving no greasy build-up.
Revitalizes chemically-processed hair. Excellent for daily use, thermal styling and hot oil treatments.

Price: 10.99

Kera Care Leave-In ConditionerKera Care Leave-In Conditioner
A powerful moisturizing complex that instantly hydrates hair and helps prevent heat styling damage.
Detangles hair and leaves it smooth with lots of sheen. D
oes not weigh hair down with heavy oils that attract dirt.
Provides UV protection against sun damage.
Suitable for all hair textures.
Very economical to use.
Only a very small amount is needed for each application.
Price: 9.99

Kera Care.Intensive Restorative MasqueKera Care.Intensive Restorative Masque
The ultimate treatment for weak and damaged hair.
It actually fortifies hair so that it is 42% stronger! A specialized blend of fruit extracts work to enhance elasticity, helping the hair withstand styling without incurring further damage.

Price: 14.99

Kera Care Conditioning Creme HairdressKera Care Conditioning Creme Hairdress
An ultra light conditioning formula, concentrated with high-quality natural oils.
Excellent for natural, relaxed and pressed hair.
This quick-penetrating formula revitalizes dull, dry hair and adds shine.
It's not heavy or greasy, so hair retains freedom of movement.
Price: 9.99

Kera Care High Sheen GlossifierKera Care High Sheen Glossifier
A rich, super light formula that produces magnificent shine.
Appropriate for relaxed, permed, pressed and natural hair of all textures.
Maximizes sheen and minimizes moisture loss of the hair and scalp.
Contains natural lipophilic emollients to seal cuticle surfaces. Minimizes breakage.
Hair remains glowing, full-bodied and fluid with motion.
Price: 12.99

Kera Care Dry & Itchy Scalp GlossifierKera Care Dry & Itchy Scalp Glossifier
A revolutionary hair and scalp treatment which soothes and moisturizes dry, itchy scalp.
Formulated with penetrating emollients to instantly relieve itching and dryness and to minimize flaking.
Gentle enough for daily use.
Regular use helps prevent the return of dry, itchy scalp conditions.
Price: 7.99

Kera Care Protein Styling GelKera Care Protein Styling Gel
When a firm hold is what you want, this is the styling tool for you! It dries to a high sheen with no sticky, greasy residue. Works excellently for natural-looking styles as well as for wet looks. Keeps tapered sections of hair right where you want them. Does not flake when used as directed.
Price: 4.99

Kera Care Oil SheenKera Care Oil Sheen
KeraCare® Oil Sheen with Humidity Block adds a natural looking shine to accentuate any style.
It's a light conditioning blend of olive oil, carrot oil, and herbal extracts that doesn't make hair look or feel greasy.
Unlike conventional oil sheens that have a minimal tolerance for humidity, KeraCare's® environmentally friendly oil sheen helps resist reversion almost 4 times that of regular oil sheens.
Price: 7.99